Speech and drama

Children between the ages of 6 -15 years are welcome to be part of our Performing arts, Speech & Drama group. The aim of these lessons is to provide children with ample opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, to explore, to imagine and to be creative.

Through our speech and drama program, children learn about the various uses of the human ‘voice’. They learn how to speak with clarity and conviction - using better articulation. They also learn about voice projection and modulation as well as gestures to express verbal and non-verbal emotions and ideas. Children will also learn about performance and stage presence. They will analyse different roles, take on various characters, give and receive feedback, and even be part of an audience. Drama games, improvisation, poetry, prose, storytelling, monologues, skits, script writing & speeches are just some of the things we do.

Exposure to these experiences enable children to develop self-confidence, think creatively, enhance their interpersonal and problem solving skills thereby, enabling them to grow in self-esteem and better adapt to everyday circumstances. Each child will progress and develop at their own pace while collectively working towards a common objective.

Our annual performance showcase is a heartfelt moment for families, as they watch their children perform on stage in the presence of family and friends.



  9.30-10.15 am (Ages 6-8)

11am-12pm (Ages 8-16)

Following South Australian Children's Choir (10.15-11am)

at Good Shepherd Church Hall Clearview SA5085


Past Shows

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