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Every Heart Has Its Own Melody

Robins Music Academy's Performing arts show 2023

5th November

Unfortunately, this show has been sold out. We hope to see you next year!

Piano, Choral Singing AND PERFORMING ARTS LESSons 



Music is a universal language which speaks directly to the heart. It is an integral part of brain development and involves practice, discipline and commitment. Playing an instrument or engaging in song can bring immense joy and fulfilment to the soul no matter the age. 

I believe that each child is unique and musical in some way or another. In addition to learning, they need to be given opportunities to enhance musical awareness, develop self-confidence through performance and further engage in the subject to build a lifelong appreciation for the art. 

I believe that piano lessons should be tailor made to suit each student since the learning curve, level of engagement and musical experiences are different from their peers. This difference is valued because it inspires the need to device various strategies, approaches, conduct research and better the lessons to make them as fruitful and engaging as possible. 

I believe that to be well rounded in the subject, it important to be able to read and play music, develop aural skills, sight read as well as play from memory, play by ear, improvise and compose. It is fundamental to establish a good practice routine from the first instance itself and students are provided with practice options, problem solving strategies, motivation and stimulants to help them along.  

I believe that in order to play beautifully, it is essential to develop solid technique and a sound understanding about the structure, style and mood of a piece so that it’s meaning is conveyed through an engaging performance. Students are provided with opportunities to develop these skills and attributes at their lessons so that they could play with passion and perform with confidence and zeal.

‘Singing’ is a strong musical expression and singing in a choir is powerful and enriching. In order to sing beautifully, each child needs to develop good breathing technique, find their singing voices and its range as well as make an emotional connection to what they are singing. It is important to listen and learn about solo and part singing as well as building friendships within the group to achieve a sense of togetherness and belonging. I believe that children need to be exposed in all these areas since it contributes towards the development of their singing skills as they work together and enjoy the essence of harmony as it unfolds.

Our Performing Arts lessons is focused on Speech & Drama which has amazing benefits for children. The lessons aim to provide children with a holistic understand of the use of voice and movement. It helps children to build strong communication skills from a young age so that they are not afraid to speak in front of a crowd or to even express themselves using words and actions or to stand up for they are convinced of. The wide range of communication and performance opportunities they receive through these lessons, provide ample room to develop these areas, thereby better preparing children to face future circumstances in a more confident manner. 

   As a teacher, I believe that it is my role to help students learn, develop and to provide opportunities for them to be exposed to music in all its forms, so that they can bring it to life, using their own freedom of expression, and enjoy it as a life long skill.


No matter what your musical or arts objective may be, Robins Music Academy will find a way to make it part of your life