The children’s choir BLISS is a new addition and open to children between the ages of 6 – 14 years. The aim of the choir is to provide children with quality choral singing lessons and provide them with performance opportunities to develop self-esteem and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

​Apart from helping children to find their singing voice and developing vocal skills, the children will also learn to read notation, understand musical terms and patterns and develop aural skills. They will be exposed to singing solo and in harmony through which they would develop an appreciation for music as a whole. The group atmosphere will provide opportunities to foster friendships as they work as one towards a collective goal.​

Rehearsals  : Saturday Mornings : 10.00 - 10.45am

Followed by Drama (9-15yrs): 10.45-11.45am 

Junior Drama (6-8yrs): 11.45am -12.30pm

at Spicer Uniting Church, St Peters SA 5069



Guest Performance

Sri Lankan Independence day celebrations 2023

Community performances

Carolling service at a local aged care

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